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Corn Cuddlers - Natural Microwaveable Heating Pads

Corn Cuddlers - microwave heating pads

Corn Cuddlers     $12.00 ea.

Corn Cuddlers are microwaveable heating pads that give off moist heat and are reuseable.  Made from natural corn, they can be reheated for years, providing you the freedom to use them anywhere.  No unsafe electrical cords or forgetting to turn it off, never getting hotter than you like, your natural corn heating pad will give off warmth for hours.  A Corn Cuddler provides targeted heat in a flexible package, allowing you to mold it around the area that needs the heat the most.  I'm told that you can use your cuddler in the freezer like an ice pack, a much better choice than that ol' bag of frozen peas!  These heating pads are made with a soft polar fleece case with velcro closure, seperate from the corn insert, which allows you to wash the cover if it ever gets soiled.  They measure 5" x 13" (not including the fringed edge) and are filled with aproximatley 24 ounces of corn.  (since they are handmade, it varies slightly) 

natural heating padsThere are other varities of natural heating pad, some use rice, flax seed or unrolled oats, but the corn variety does the best job in the microwave.  Rice when heated can develop an odd odor (forcing some to add scents to mask it), flax seed can be expensive, all varieties including oats don't have the moisture content of corn.  Since the microwave works by exciting the molecules in moisture, the more moisture, the more heat with an added benefit of steam.  The corn will reabsorb moisture allowing it to be reused many many times. (I don't know of any that aren't still in use after 4 years)

I was inspired to make Corn Cuddlers with a washable cover by a nurse who had convinced her clinic of the low cost & reusable nature of natural heating pads.  Her clinic had been using chemical heat pads that were a one-time only disposable item. She saw the need for a low-cost alternative to the chemical heating pads that would help keep costs down.  Since they were to be used in a hospital setting, they needed the ability to provide patients with a clean heating pad, and so the washable cover.  What a great idea!

My first Corn Cuddler was a gift and I'm thankful for it.  It has come in handy for that occasional ache or pain and is wonderful as a bed warmer!  I recently purchased a high tech Tempur-pedic mattress to find that when it gets cold, its like sleeping on a concrete slab!  I use my Corn Cuddlers to warm up the mattress about 20 minutes or so before going to bed. Not only is the bed toasty warm, but the viscous elastic cells of the Tempur-pedic will be flexible enough to mold to me correctly, giving me a good nite's sleep. Without my Corn Cuddlers (I have serveral now) It would take hours for my body heat to warm up the bed! 

Some may ask "why don't you use an electric blanket?" and I tell them that I've never liked the "prickle feeling" that they produce. It never matters at what level under the blankets I put the electric, it still gives a "static electricity" feeling all over my skin when it turns on, enough to wake me in the night. Corn Cuddlers are a natural, low cost & SAFE way to keep snuggley warm in bed.


Directions for using your “Corn Cuddler”

1. To heat, put it in your clean microwave oven and heat for 2 minutes (this is standard for a 1250 watt oven, increase according to your oven in 30 second increments till you find the best time.) If reheating your cuddler when still warm, do not use the full time for additional heating. 

2. It will smell like popcorn and you may even hear corn popping, but don’t worry, that only happens the first few times you heat your Corn Cuddler. Also, with the first heatings, It will steam allot as the moisture in the corn is released. That moist heat is one of the great qualities of your Corn Cuddler.  Your corn cuddler may get lighter with each successive heating as it continues to release its moisture.  Don't worry, I've had one for 4 years now and its still working nicely.

3. After heating, you can lay your “Corn Cuddler” around your neck, over your knee, or wherever you have those aches and pains. Cold feet? You can even put your “Corn Cuddler” in your bed.

5. Your “Corn Cuddler” will stay warm for an hour or more and will last for years giving many hours of warm pain relief.

Here’s wishing you cozy cuddling!

Caution it gets HOT! – Use common sense, if it gets too hot against your skin, move it to a new area.  Be sure not to over heat it, as corn may burn in the microwave. Your Corn Cuddler has a washable 100% polyester fleece cover, wash warm with like colors and dry on medium.  DO NOT wash the corn insert.  The insert is made from natural corn, so if animals (or humans) eat it, it shouldn’t be harmful.

 Corn Cuddlers

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