Medieval Jewelry

In my constant search for accessories to my Renaissance Garb, Italian Ren Gown, etc. I have come accross some convincing reproductions of Medieval, Renaissance, & SCA quality jewelry.  Most of the linked sites below, have tried to reproduce from examples in noble metals and other modern materials from paintings and have been pretty successful.  I have included some samples of my own attemp at it.  If you have just surfed in, you will find links to the Society for Creative Anachranisim (SCA), that you future Scadians may use. While the main focus of my site is Tea Cozies & Tea Accessories, I love to make costumes in my free time (what free time?).  Visit my other hobby by using the navigation to the left.  Perhaps you'll find a cozy you like for your favorite Scadian.  Look for new designs as time allows. If you would like an embroidered cozy with something special, just ask.

Visit for examples of period garb and more medival items.

These examples are my attempts at reproducing Medieval Jewelry in Fimo (bakeable clay) and gold leaf. Most have real pearls, amber and semi-precious stones.

This page is always under construction.

Society for Creative Anachronism

Darkridge Jewels

Raymond's Quiet Press

(Raymond's site is rather unorganized, but click around, his work is VERY authentic)