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Muff Style Cozies

Each muff or wrap style cozy is gathered at the top to keep a snug fit on the pot.  Lined with coordinating fabric and lightly insulated with cotton/poly woven batting, the wrap style helps trap the heat and keep your tea warm.  Unlike some cozies, this design has an integrated bottom and is not just a "fabric sack". The flat bottom removes any need for a table pad and the two sided design, flaps open to allow the pot to snuggle in.  Once placed, gather the cording or ribbon to enclose the entire pot while still allowing the handle and spout for pouring.  With my own personal cozy, I just leave the pot in its bed, to reuse as needed only occasionally taking it out to rinse.

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Spring Blossom - Muff Style2  Large size - fits up to 10 cup pots  $16.50
Delicate blossoms in golds, pinks and burgundy on a light sage green background.  This wrap cozy will fit larger sizes and has an integrated thermal barrier to keep your tea hot longer.

brocade fruit Cozy - muff style Large size - fits most 6-10 cup pots.  $16.50
Banquet fruit in brocade tapestry fabric with lace closure and trim.  Satin ribbon gathers at the opening.
Blue Ivy  Cozy - muff style Large size - fits most 4-8 cup pots. $14.50
Brocade Blue Ivy fabric, both inside and out.  Satin ribbon closure with small glass beads for accent
Indigo Calico  Cozy - muff style Medium size - fits 3-6 cup pots.  $12.50
Indigo Blue Calico fabric, 100% prewashed cotton .  Beautiful intense blue calico both inside and out with small glass beads on the satin ribbon closure.
Green Jaquard  Cozy - muff style Small size - fits 2 - 4 cup pots  $14.50
Shiny Green Jacquard, with green piping makes this an elegant addition to your table.  Dark glossy green fabric both inside and out closed by green satin rattail cord at the ties.
Green jacquard with lace  Cozy - muff style Large size - fits most 4 - 10 cup pots  $16.50
Shiny Green Jacquard outside, green piping and lace at the gathered neck.  Dark solid green fabric inside and closed by green satin ribbon with colored lampglass beads at the ties.
Oriental black statin jacquard Cozy - muff style Large size - fits most 4 - 8 cup pots  $16.50
Lucky Dragons & Peacocks adorn this Oriental Black Jacquard fabric.  For a decidedly masculine cozy, it has teal piping and solid black inside.  With black ribbon closure and square teal glass beads at the ties, this is the perfect gift for the male tea drinker in your life.
brocade fruit  Cozy - muff style Medium size - fits 4 - 6 cup pots  $14.50
Banquet fruit in brocade tapestry fabric.  Simple design with burgundy satin ribbon to gather the opening and colored lampglass beads at the ties.