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Overpot Cozies 

The overpot or hooded style tea cozy, fits most 4 - 8 cup pots.  Each is insulated with woven cotton/poly batting and is lined.  Each tea cozy has been "Scotch-garded" for easy care and the dimensions are 9" x 13" unless specified otherwise.  Some tea cozies have removable linings, or only fit specific sized pots, so be sure to read the description.  Some cozie designs use Insul-Bright insulation that uses a "threaded mylar" layer sandwiched between poly batting, which is very efficient at keeping your pot hot longer.  On my everyday kitchen counter, I use the "Royalty" tea cozy design, as it fits over just about every teapot I own and with thermal mylar sheet insulation, it keeps my tea steamy for an hour!  Enjoy!

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 Flaming Hot Cozy   Flaming Hot One  $25.00
Not only will this double padded tea cozy keep your tea hot, it will look HOT too!  Free-hand satin stitched flames lick up the front on a solid black background.  Removable red Insul-Bright lining for easy care.  This cozy is 11" x 11" and fits most pots - will fit a 6 cup "brown betty" teapot (as shown). Taller pots fit better.  Had fun with this one, look for more "cool" designs soon.

Valentine 1 - Overpot Cozy    Valentine One  $19.50
Can it be here so soon?  Get ready for that special Valentine's tea party with this jacquard cozy.  Brilliant red design with applique' white heart with little hearts embroidered border.  Eyelet lace & red piping accents.  Double padding and removable Insul-Bright liner make this an easy care tea cozy.

  My First Red Hat  $21.50

While personally I'll soon be eligible to wear red not just lavender, my Mother is a full blown red hatter!  She requested a tea cozy to use for the many "Red Hat" tea parties she hosts all during the year.  This cozy looks very much like a derby and has purple tulle puffs all the way around with a lace rose bloom for accent.  The tulle netting is applied with a red satin ribbon and is dotted with sparkled fabric paint.  It fits most pots small to medium, taller teapots fit best.  It has a removable lining for easy care. Don't miss the other Red Hat tea cozies on this page.

Royalty  $25.00

This cozy has burgundy brocade and velvet with metallic gold threads.  It has a four pointed design which gives it a "courtly" feel with gold tassels for accent.  This is our "top of the line" tea cozy and has space age technology using an integrated thermal barrier and removable liner.  This pot will keep your tea HOT for up to 2 hours and fits most "Brown Betty" tepots up to 8 to 10 cups. 
Sweet Elegance Cozy - overpot style Sweet Elegance  $19.50

Sweetness describes this tea cozy.  Satin Damask fabric, woven into the pattern are roses and leaves.  Delicate lace trim and satin ribbon adorn this with a cute pink teapot accent at the top.  Coordinating removable lining makes this an easy care tea cozy.
Turkish Delight Cozy - overpot style Turkish Delight    $19.50

Deep rich brown satin crossed with woven trim and satin ribbon.  Beaded trim makes this cozy an exotic element at your table.  Coordinating removable lining makes this an easy care tea cozy.
  Blue Bistro  $21.00
Figured white satin jacquard with cute embroidered teapot grace this tea cozy.  White lace trim and blue satin piping add to its look.  Double padding and removable Insul-bright lining. 

Green Jacquard Cozy - overpot style Green Jacquard  $16.50

This tea cozy is in deep sage Jacquard fabric with delicate beige lace and piping.  Padded and lined with coordinating fabric.  Fits most teapots sized 4 - 8 cups.
Pure Elegance Cozy - overpot style  Pure Elegance  $16.50

Satin jacquard with simple lace trim, give this pure white cozy its beauty.  For Bridal, QuinceaƱera or Confirmation, this tea cozy would make a nice addition to your table.
Cream Checkers Cozy - overpot style  Cream Elegance  $16.50

Satin jacquard with simple checkered pattern, cream colored lace, removable lining.
Victorian Roses Cozy - overpot style Victorian Roses  $16.50

Woven Tapestry Roses and flowers make this a distinctive tea cozy.  Its design and lace trim give it a decidedly Victorian feel.  
  Old World  $16.50

Woven Tapestry Fruit give this cozy an old world Tuscan design.  Suitable for everyday or for entertaining, it will add a distinctive look to your table
Chintz One $16.50
Glazed decorator chintz with cheery floral pattern in baby blues and yellows.  Matching but reversed colored border at bottom features a cute blue teapot button and satin stitching accents.  Removable lining for easy care. Fits medium to small teapots.
Green Velvet Cozy - overpot style  Green Velvet  $19.50

Soft olive green velvet with three tassels and an embroidered vine, with metallic ribbon edges. This tea cozy is thickly padded to keep your tea warm longer.  Removable lining for easy care.

Tea Time One $19.50
Soft tan brocade with gold satin piping.  Embroidered design in blue and gold of a fleur de le and the words "tea time" will brighten any day.  Removable Insul-bright lining for easy care.  Fits most teapots large to small.  Shown with a 40 ounce  "brown betty" style pot.
   Hattitide!  $19.50
Do you have it? Here's where to get it. This tea cozy is in dark purple cotton weave with a flamboyant embroidered red hat and the word Hattitude emblazened on it.  Removable Insul-Bright lining for easy care.

 Big Red Hat Cozy  Big Red Hat   $25.00
This is my second try at a true Red Hat style, suitable for my Mom's Red Hatter's tea party.  It's a soft fabric with a real brim and double padding, accented with purple tulle, fuzzy yarn and silk flowers. This cozy is 10 x 13 and is big enough for every teapot I have.  It fits over my 80 ounce pot and even my seashell themed pot with room to spare.  Removable Insul-Bright lining for an easy care tea cozy.
 Blue Kettle Cozy  Blue Kettle   $16.50
This everyday style cozy features an embroidered gold tea kettle on the front.  Its roomy enough for my well-loved 80 ounce pot (seen here).   It has a removable Insul-bright lining for easy care. 
 Fun After Fifty - overpot   Fun After Fifty!   $19.50
So they say, life doesn't start till after 50! Another Red Hatter's delight.  Soft satin jacquard with purple satin piping and embroidered Red Hat design. The words "Fun After Fifty" are emblazened on the front.  Double padding with removable lining - fits medium to small tea pots.
 Just Ducky - overpot cozy  Just Ducky  $16.50
A bright and cheery yellow tea cozy with white lace and an embroidered teapot on the front.  Removable Insul-Bright lining for easy care.
  Christmas Cheer $21.00
Tis the season, this tapestry tea cozy has bright poinsettias & holly to liven up your holiday table.  Satin piping & ribbon with red tassel, complete the look.  Removable Insul-bright lining for easy care.
  Gold'n Tassel Cozy - overpot style  Gold'n Tassel  $25.00

By far our most elegant tea cozy, its richly tasseled, gold satin cording and ribbon accents are applied to silky beige fabric with brocaded inserts.  Padded and fully lined.
  Wedgwood Cozy - overpot style  Wedgwood  $25.00

This is a giant sized cozy measuring 18"w x 13h" it will fit over a standard  9" x 13" baking dish, not to mention a very large teapot or china coffee pot.  Its Wedgwood floral pattern has a woven satin jacquard in addition to the floral design and is heavily padded.